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Turinover (turinover), is simply the old kind of oralturinabol pharmacological industry leaders Moldova non-commercial name of the drug hidden under the packaging – Vermodzhe Vermodje.

Produced prevents tablets, sold in blister packs of 25 tablets are taken round tablets tabe with a triangle in the middle embossing – the distinguishing sign vermodzhe. Active substance – 4-hlorodegidrometiltestosterone 10 mg per tablet.

Turinover – this is one of the most studied steroids in the world. Since its introduction in after 60 years in East Germany, oral tubinoid doping has been one in the preparation of the German athletes on whom the study was conducted.

The duration of the first course on Turinover is 8 weeks with a dosage of 30-40 mg. during the day. Divide the dosage into a single dose in the morning and another in the evening. Simply taken orally with water during meals. You can start with 30 mg per day and look at the results if you are not satisfied with increasing the dose to 40 mg. per day. On Turinovera course (Turinovera) can increase the training frequency and intensity, but do not forget about proper nutrition, rest and sleep. If this is your first course, and you will do everything right, you will become muscle mass of 6-10 kg. Kg increase. 2 leave this mass after the course, since it is chosen primarily water. The rest will remain as advanced courses. After completing the course, do not forget to reduce the intensity of your training as catabolism after the course is extended.

Turinover. Side effects

Exceeding the permissible dosage of the drug often leads to side effects. The most dangerous of them – a violation of the liver. Fluid retention, gynecomastia, aromatization, the appearance of acne and increase in blood pressure to turinovera is uncommon.

Virilization phenomena occur in women who are significantly higher than the dose or course of treatment.

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