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Trenaver 200 ampoules


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TRENAVER 200 (Trenaver 200, 10 ml) Vermodje
Trenaver 200 (Trenaver) by Vermodje SRL – anabolic steroids, which is characterized by low androgenic activity with a significant anabolic effect. The advantage of production is the lack of ability to flavor. The active substance preparation becomes trenbolone enanthate.

Application TRENAVER 200
It is worth noting that Trenaver 200 can only be used by male athletes. Women are not even recommended small dosages. Get a dose of 50 mg daily or 100 mg every other day. Trenbolone enanthate is perfect when short course is required – within 4-5 weeks. You should start with small doses, because it is necessary to check the individual sensitivity to the drug.

Trenbolone suitable for use solo. Anavar, Turinabol, Stanozolol, Testosterone Ester, etc.: But the best results when achieved with the following drugs

FCT after a course of 200 TRENAVER
Restorative Therapy can be started no earlier than two or even three weeks after the last administration of anabolic. Just say that the use of tamoxifen in the FCT is undesirable. Eat this time clomid. Last FCT usually about a month.

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