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Tren Tabs – a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid from the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. The main active ingredient – metiltrenbolon. Form Release Tren Tubbs – 50 tablets of 1 mg. Metiltrenbolone is structurally similar to trenbolone, a well-known and potent androgen that does not aromatize (that is, have no estrogenic activity). The only difference is the oral form of the drug’s active ingredient in the presence of 17-alpha-methyl group, which protects metiltrenbolone from degradation while passing through the liver, but still has a serious toxic effect.

Individual properties and features of the effects of the drug make it practically perfect companions for use with other steroid drugs. As I said, the drug is not exposed to aroma, and therefore to the accumulation of fluid in the body, it does not result in the fact that it can be combined with both testosterone and nandrolone.

Trenbolone is rightly called not only a potent steroid, but also the most commonly imitated steroid. Hardly on the pharmacology of the market, both in the CIS countries and abroad, there is at least one other drug so often imitated. Best of all, this fake is cheap copycat product, with a lower concentration of the active ingredient. In the worst case, the drug gets all kinds of impurities that not only make it useless, but often dangerous to the life and health of the athlete.

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