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Testover P refers to a group of testosterone esters. The active substance of the drug is very popular among athletes due to the rapid excretion from the body and a small duration of exposure. This way, you can participate directly in bodybuilding competitions, without doping tests for worrying.

exerts a sparing effect on the body and a lot of water retention propionate less – Unlike other known testosterone esters – testosterone enanthate or cypionate. The immediate effect of Testover F leads to increased muscle mass of the athlete, and the stiffness-strengthening bump muscles, rapid increase in current power.

Manual application Testover P

These injections for sports are especially recommended for men. Such highly androgenic preparations for women, as a rule, not recommended, since (in women male traits development and accumulation, – deepening of the voice, hair growth, improvement of oily skin, etc.) can lead to the manifestation of masculinization.

For men, optimal dosage Testover P is considered to be close to 100 mg every other day (or every third day). Experienced and more professional athletes, as doses seem inadequate, but for most they use them at the same time effectively and relatively safely. Exceeding the recommended dose will lead to an increased risk of side effects, which is fraught with consequences.

Side effects:
In terms of the possible side effects of reception, they are similar to those that occur when taking other testosterone: acne, gynecomastia, etc., but they occur much less frequently and weaker than with the same enanthate. However, despite its „softness“ Testover P reviews as well as other synthetic androgens quite frustrating production of testosterone, so at the end of its „natural“ should be taken gonadotropin.

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