Testover C amp.


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Testover C – steroid pronounced anabolic and androgenic activity. The active ingredient – tsipionatny testosterone ester is perhaps the most widely used broadcast of the sport applied in American athletes and not only.

Testover C has extended exposure to 15 days, which provides increasing size and strength of the athlete. Due to the extended period of steroid can lead to water retention. Availability and effectiveness of the drug makes it popular among the athletes of the world.

How to take:
The usual dosage reviews Testover C – 125-200 mg every two to three days in the „drying“ period or 250-500 mg all those two or three days at work cover „on the weight.“

Most athletes notice an enormous effect on the use of cypionate.
The main thing in this case – the right dose to observe
the negative effect by its reception was minimal. So, if you want to build
muscle mass quickly, testosterone cypionate will help you with this

Side effects:
First of all, you need to follow the correct and accurate dosage on the possible negative effect of the drug was very minimal. And with Testover C in appropriate doses, you’ll see that the benefits far outweigh the side effects.

More information about Testosterone Cyp can be found on this Testosterone website

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