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Features of the drug

This drug is the first anabolic steroid, it is in the 1930s of the last century. Testosterone suspension is quickly absorbed into the blood, because it is necessary for those who want to choose to achieve an early effect.

Steroids provides gain in muscle mass and an increase in performance performance, since the drug has a fat burning properties. Testosterone suspension is popular for a number of its benefits:

There are quick results;
They do not exert a strong negative effect on the liver;
Has a rapid elimination half-life of the drug, it can be used just before competition.
Testosterone suspension fluid retention in the body. Around the side effects are also acne, gynecomastia. To reduce their risk, it is recommended to combine the steroid naturally with anti-estrogens.

Testosterone suspension: side effects.

Unfortunately, positive effects of the drug accompanied by side effects are pronounced. High suspension androgenic activity can lead to acne, increased body fat, and even gynecomastia. Obvious is the fact that simultaneously with testosterone the suspension must perform athletes and the PCT. At the same time, anti-estrogens are received, should be started from the first day of a steroid cycle.

If you abuse the dosage, the drug can negatively affect athletes‘ liver. There are also the negative effects of the drug are painful injections. If we compare the pain of injections of testosterone suspensions with other drugs, it can be said that Winstrol propionate and painful injections.

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