Stanover amp.


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Stanover (Stanover) – hormonal drug, which is very popular in high-speed sports, as well as those sports where firmness is required, and preferably without a strong weight gain. In these sports, it is one of the most important drugs used.

Anabolic effect Stanovera (Stanovera) is 3 times higher Testosterone

Androgenic activity Stanovera (Stanovera) 3 times lower testosterone

When combined with proper nutrition, Stanover makes your muscles hard as steel. Compared to oral medication, injection form has a higher efficiency.
Stanozolol Solo – a large base rate.

The combination of Stanovera with other medicines:

Whereby the drug is very successfully combined with other drugs – depending on the intended purpose. For a range of lean body mass without fluid retention often used stanover and Clenbuterol.
Side effects:
Stanover to some degree, toxic to the liver. This fact does not deplete all the negative properties of the drug for men, although stanozolol and do not aromatize, it has, albeit minimally, but all the same negative effects on the prostate gland can contribute to hair loss and the appearance of acne (acne).
At the same time, very little active ingredient inhibits the production of endogenous testosterone and does not lead to the appearance of gynecomastia. In addition, a number of researchers have noted the weak properties of stanozolol anti-estrogen (estrogen receptor blockers).
Since stanozolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, it inherited some of the negative features of the „parents“. In particular, trigger the ability to acne.

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