Stanover 50


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Stanover – this steroid strong anabolic and low androgenic activity, produced by the notorious pharmaceutical company Vermodje (Moldova). In addition, it is remarkable anabolic forces quickly, several, and above all a variety of effects on the human body.

Characteristics such as anabolic prigozhdayutsya especially in sports practice. The performance disciplines, heavy and light weightlifting, bodybuilding and many other places it is used to improve athletic performance, increase endurance and muscle quality. Its action can be useful in medicine (in violation of protein synthesis, muscular dystrophy, for the treatment of osteoporosis, etc.).

Stanover vermodzhe significantly increases performance performance and endurance athlete facilitates maintaining the quality of muscle mass, burning fat and svyvodit water from the body. It can be used for both types of muscle mass and drying time.

How to take Stanover

Stanovera recommended dosage of 50 mg per day. Many people ask how to drink? Divide into 3 doses right before a meal or during a meal. 1 tablet in the morning, 2 at lunch and 2 before bedtime.

Possible side effects

Numerous reviews of Stanovere talk about classic pobochki stanazolol such as „drying“ of the joint and, in some cases, heartburn. These are the minimum pobochki compared to other steroids.

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