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Stanozolol (another name – Winstrol) – quite popular in bodybuilding and athletics steroid. This strong and soft drug with medium and high anabolic androgenic activity is produced in the form of tablets or injections.

Action Stanozolol

According to the chemical composition of the drug is unique – in its structure as much as 5 benzene rings. Stanozolol is an antagonist of progesterone, which makes it possible to suppress the activity of other progestin drugs.

Effect of stanozolol under:

The growth of power, increases endurance.
Excretion of excess fluid.
Effective fat burning.
The high anabolic activity, moderate androgenic effect.
Increase in muscle mass, improved body bump.

Stanozolol is now primarily by injection, as the tablet form uses a lot of fakes. Thus, the male athletes prefer injection form. As for women, they are more likely to prefer the pill.

The fact that the athlete needs a lower dose every day – from 10 to 16 mg. Therefore, the daily dose in the tablets is reduced to 5-8 mg. So, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and increased liver values are practically excluded.

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