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Stanozolol Tablets: description of the drug

This steroid athlete takes tablets that increase the power of performance, endurance and relief muscles. Its popularity is due to the ability to burn fat, form a clearer prorisovannost / relief muscles.

Stanozolol tablets users do not have a strong influence on body weight, as it does the same sustanon, but with due care (training and nutrition) can be used for a number of muscle mass. It is also known that the use of the tablets leads to the removal of excess fluid of an athlete, and therefore still well used in the preparation times of drying. Acting on a long base material promotes accumulation of calcium in bone tissue, the body retains vitamins and useful elements, which are undoubtedly important when heavy loads.

Description of Stanozolol Tablets Genesis (Poland), it is important to supplement the information about its history. The active ingredient pellets – stanozolol – was developed by specialists Winthrop Laboratories in the early 60s. Originally, it was issued for medical and veterinary purposes.

Initially, the drug was produced and used under the brand name Winstrol to improve the strength of livestock and cross-country animals, including horses, as well as for the treatment of humans. In medicine, used a steroid for the rapid adaptation of patients after surgery or for the treatment of anemia. But over time, the market began to appear no less effective, non-steroidal counterparts, so the interest in stanozolol as a medicine has gradually fallen. But he has always been very popular in sports practice (as doping), which today is considered the main area of application.

The combination with other medicines

1. As in the case of the injectable form, Stanozolol tablets do not use the „solo“. This is especially true, massonabornyh courses. So, if you want to gain muscle mass, that would be best suited to combine stanozolol methandrostenolone, testosterone or nandrolone.

2. When you are ready for a bodybuilding competition, will be a very effective combination of stanozolol and injectable Primobolan.

3. In good courses KDK proved that with Turinabol the same testosterone, all nandrolone and methane combined stanozolol.

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