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Effect of the drug

Androgenic effect of the drug is low, so do not wait for the great weight gain. But the anabolic steroid is an excellent choice for those who want to increase their endurance.

Bodybuilders who take this anabolic has decided to count on the following results:

1) increased motivation;
2) increase power output;
3) Libido increase;
4) Increase endurance.

How to take Restaver?

As part of exercising, this drug is mainly athletes who want to use a course of testosterone, but can not tolerate injections. The use of capsules Restaver – the process is quite simple, so they can be seen through many practical alternatives.

According to such a practice, the effective dose of the steroid varies near 240 mg per day (the specific selection of the dose depends on the health of the host, the level of testosterone in the blood and the reaction of the body to the drug). Note that smaller amounts may not provide sufficient effect on the athlete’s body. At the same time, the volume more than these are associated with a significant increase in the risk of side effects.

Important: Use Restaver is held inside, usually 1 to 3 times a day. The capsules should be swallowed whole. Its contents do not chew and do not open the capsule, the use of the drug in this form may be less effective.


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