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Testosterone propionate Form of the hormone esterified, with the smallest duration of action. With advantages used in the period of „drying“ to store the chosen muscle. But it can be applied with endurance and become representatives of cyclical sports. Preparation based on testosterone propionate comprises a molecule with ether propionic acid bound to it causes pharmacological properties and the properties of the substance.


Is one of the most popular drugs in bodybuilding, suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. The steroid is designed to build muscle, but is also used during the drying rate. Testostetorna propionate feature that drug dosage is chosen when there is really practically no water that accumulates in the body. That is why it does not give a noticeable effect such as testosterone enanthate, but the muscle mass, typed propionate using dry and quality.

Testosterone propionate is absorbed into the blood quite quickly, so the effect of using this steroid appears after the first application. Also, the drug is quickly excreted from the body. It is recommended that the injection of testosterone propionate, about once every two days in a dosage of 100 mg.

It is recommended to take aromatase inhibitors to prevent accumulation of water in the body. Here’s how to save the entered weight after the course you want to use cortisol blockers.

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