Primover ampoules


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Primover – this is the best drug for beginners in bodybuilding, safely achieving good results for the growth of muscles and performance indicators. A minimum of side effects makes it possible to take them without fear and women athletes. High anabolic properties of the AAS and the absence of fluid retention make it suitable for drying rates when it is necessary to maintain muscle mass already entered.

Effects Primover Vermodje

• an increase in muscle mass

• Increased performance

• Minimizes fat accumulation and prevents the formation of fat layers

• gives muscle relief and high-quality rendering

• Use of the drug in the drying process

• increased tone athletes

• give the athletes liveliness and energy, which allows to increase the duration of training makes

How to take Primover

The recommended dose for men Primover – 200-400 mg per week.
Female athletes can also take the anabolic, but in order not to collide with virilization symptom, you need to limit 50 to 100 mg for seven days.
Course with Primover lasts from two months to increase their duration alone is not worth it, because it can cause unwanted side effects, which at the same time does not contribute to weight gain.

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