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Primobolan – simple steroid anabolic with low androgenic effect, the active substance Methenolone Enanthate. To influence, the athlete Primobolan (Primobolan) can be compared to Oxandrolone or Boldenone, which all these three steroids are almost harmless to the health of the athlete, quite expensive and enormous weight gain certainly do not need them.

Anabolic effects Primobolan (Primobolan) – 88% of testosterone
androgenic effect Primobolan (Primobolan) – 44% of testosterone

Primobolan (primobolan), a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, as Methenolone’s active ingredient is dissolved in ether enanthate, the duration of the effect of primobolan (primobolan) on athletes will be about 2 weeks. Comparing Primobolan (Primobolan) with other drugs, it can be concluded that primobolan (Primobolan) is more similar to boldenone, rather than Deca and Masteron. Deca is a stronger drug than Primobolan (Primobolan) and more androgenic than Masteron Primobolan (Primobolan) and thus has a different effect on the athlete.

Contraindications and side effects

In the case of passing on the long-term courses with the use of high doses of Primobolan observed a significant reduction in natural testosterone, and there is also a risk of testicular atrophy. The main side effects are:



excessive aggression,

Raising the level of liver enzymes.

Due to the weak androgenic effects of the drug, practically no side effects, and almost no effect on the increase in blood cholesterol.

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