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Primo Tabs – cteroid moderate anabolic and androgenic effect of the Indian pharmaceutical company. The main active ingredient – methenolone acetate. Oral drug, a form of release – 50 tablets of 25 mg. Athletes are often faced with a choice between oral and injectable steroids based on methenolone. I must say that both forms have their advantages and disadvantages. Tableted Primo Tubbs has a short duration of action (decay occurs in about 5 hours), no toxic effects on the liver, but more expensive. The injectable form provides a more uniform delivery of active ingredient in the blood.

Primobolan – almost pure anabolic with an extremely low androgenic component, that is, anabolic effect only relatively strong, Primobolan tablets forces act on growth and muscle mass is limited. Before the drug is not a rapid weight gain and some great rapid strength to gain. Primobolan is therefore more likely to take a long time, because it still leads to a slow high-quality muscle growth, which is then considered the setting of most of the stored product.

If you want to choose a dry weight, this product combines very well with AnaJet, Parabolan, Masteron, Nandrolone, Boldenone, Testosterone or tablets with Androlic, Dianabol ou Anabol.

His take from 8 to 12 weeks.

Dosage: 25-125 mg per day

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