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Oksimetalon – a strong oral anabolic, which is used for muscle strength recruitment and development properties. The steroid also increases endurance, performance, relieves pain in the joints, ligaments and improves the condition of the joints.

Description of the preparation

Oksimetolone active ingredient is a modified form of DHT. Steroids has a strong anabolic effect (320% of endogenous testosterone) and mild androgenic (45% of testosterone). These phrases make the drug one of the most powerful oral anabolic steroids for the recruitment of muscle mass. As proof of oksimetalon reviews, an athlete can score for a course of up to 10-15 kg. And it seems that the body effect makes the drug popular, not only in bodybuilding, but also other types of sports with high physical exertion.

Effect of taking Oxymetholone:

active set of muscle mass;
increase power output;
elimination of pain in the joints;
increase endurance;
acceleration hemoglobin synthesis;
improvement of protein synthesis;
acceleration of hematopoiesis;
The stimulation of erythropoietin.
Due to the very high androgen drug is not recommended for women, as it can cause virilization even before you take any action.
It should be noted that oksimetalon is converted into DHT in a small amount, but not by the action of 5a reductase.
This structural oksimetal dihydrotestosterone, with attached to position 17-methyl radical in position and 2-hydroxymethylene group.
Oksimetalona is a fundamental disadvantage that it alkylates 17alfa, which poses a danger to the liver. This is also due to the fact that in a dosage proizovoditsya much larger dose, which releases Dianabol or stanazolol.

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