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Oxanabol by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals – Steroid containing oral oxandrolone. Originally it was designed for children and women and therefore has soft enough effect on the body. For the first time in the pharmacological oxandrolone market appeared as 1964 far back. It was developed by the American company Searle Co to increase growth in patients with osteoporosis. In medicine, the drug is also used to repair the ligaments and bones, anemia and Turner syndrome tissues and skin after burns, strengthening.

Effects of receiving Oxanabol

Hardening of muscles and relief. Oksanabol is often used by athletes who are not interested in masses of fast weight muscle (and in solo admission – only in this category of athletes). The volume of the muscles remains the same, but it becomes stiffer and firmer.
The performance enhancement performance.
The reduction of body fat.
Increased yield organism growth hormone – substances used in sports to improve muscle bump. Growth hormone has anti-catabolic effects, reduces body fat and rejuvenates the body, strengthens bones and stimulates their growth.

Oxanabol – one of the safest of steroids, since practically no side effects. However, its acting steroid is considered potentially dangerous for the liver, as well as almost any oral steroid. Otherwise, it does not have any negative effects on the body, including not affecting the production of androgen testosterone.

Before using the drug, you need to find out for what purpose and how Oksanabol for an optimal effect, take more, so that the excess of the dose does not give absolutely no positive result. Those who adhere to the recommended dosage, taking the tool, the side effects are not known during the period of continuous reception of no more than two months.

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