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Naposim (Naposim) – an oral anabolic steroid that has a powerful effect on protein metabolism of the athlete. Accelerated protein production by the body due to increased protein synthesis. All this leads to a positive nitrogen balance. Cortisol is reduced by 50 – 70%, or reduces the breakdown of protein in the muscle. Improves the mood lifter, appetite, self-esteem, through which to achieve results in increasing muscle mass and strength, and usually corresponds and improves the appearance of the athlete. Chemical formula Naposima (Naposima) similar to methyltestosterone. Naposim (Naposim) has a strong anabolic and moderate androgenic effects than testosterone.

Effects of naposima:

Fast set mass (muscle and accumulation of water);
An increase in current output and force endurance;
acceleration of protein synthesis;
Fast recovery;
prevention of joint injuries due to fluid influx;
Moderate phenomena rollback after the course.

No other side effects after naposima not observed when we talk about normal dosages. That is why it is often recommended for beginners. Security is almost a key factor for them due to inexperience.

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