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Metilver – a steroid that is a modern equivalent of one of the oldest of steroids on the market. Its active ingredient is methyltestosterone, testosterone is oral form. The tool is applied, as in sports practice and human medicine: in sports preparation can be effectively used for recovery, improving endurance performance and performance (also commonly used as a stimulator aggression).

It produces Metilver 25 mg known that many athletes company Vermodje SRL. This manufacturer was launched in 2001 and to this day has established itself on the domestic market is one of the most common being launched. Pharmacological agents, issued by them, enjoy a good demand.

The effect of 25 mg Metilver Vermodzh

· A significant increase in physical properties;

· Weight gain is not so pronounced;

· Positive effects on the central nervous system, accelerating recovery;

· When you use a steroid, it increases aggression.

The use of methyltestosterone for sports, including in bodybuilding, it is recommended only for men. Why women should not use with this steroid? It is quite simple: because of the relatively high androgenic activity, probably manifestations of virilization and the associated side effects. In particular, athletes can disturb such fluctuations as the increase in the tone of the voice and change the general deepening of the voice, excessive hair growth on the face and body, and even body forum of the male type.

If you do not know how to take methyltestosterone, achieve good results in sports, then we will show you. For athletes, the men’s dosage of steroid is recommended in the range of 10 to 50 mg per day (usually about 30 mg per day). In this androgen tablets are not very long-term activity (about 6-8 hours), so to achieve the desired effect during reception, which she should drink on a daily basis. Speaking of reception: it is recommended not to take this steroid for more than a month. Otherwise, it can increase the risk of side effects too significantly.

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