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Bodybuilding, Weightlifting – It is used in weight training disciplines. Suitable for regular training. Since Dianabol is recorded in the body for five months after the end of reception, it is not recommended to athletes before the competition. Often beginner used as a solo product for the first course of steroids.
Side effects

Side effects Dianabol are manifested primarily in overdose and receiving a long period of time (more than two months of continuous operation). The possible consequences of the adoption of Dianabol are:
The toxic effect on the liver – the effect quite moderate, but after the course reception is recommended gepatoprotectorov – drugs that protect
the liver Fluid retention in muscle tissue (This effect can be eliminated by using aromatase inhibitors)
Increased blood pressure
Gynecomastia (breast augmentation in men) – the use of anti-estrogens, this effect is not observed
acne (acne appearance)

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