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Masteron – steroid that has gained immense popularity and importance in recent years, especially among athletes in Europe and America. This, if I may say so, drugs „give way“ to polar athletes of various sports, not just the security forces. It’s also used by swimmers, athletes, hockey, and other sports that require explosive speed, dexterity, and endurance, and weight gain isn’t that important.

Masteron has a strong anabolic index and the low level of androgenic effects. Masteron’s distinct plus is that this drug is not susceptible to flavor. In addition, it has anti-estrogen effect. In its action, it resembles testosterone, although in turn the effect is much simpler and more restrained.


The preparation is advantageously used long courses – on average 6-8 weeks, most of which are more than sufficient to fully achieve the beneficial effect and the side effects more pronounced not acquire.

Average Mastevera dosage for men – 100 mg at intervals of application every other day. Women’s drug is not recommended as having a predominant androgenic activity, is able to induce virilization: acne, deepening of the voice, increased aggressiveness and body hair, sweating and other symptoms.

How to apply and mastever from Vermodzhe to set that the results maximized and remained for a long time, today many athletes are interested. Examples of dual courses of study of the drug will therefore continue to be presented, which will be considered the best way to achieve the desired progress.

The course of testosterone and nandrolone phenylpropionate – athletes for quality muscle growth / set of muscle mass. The length of the route – 6-8 weeks, and for post-cycle therapy for 3 weeks clomiphene or tamoxifen is connected.

Masteron by Vermodzhe: side effects

Masteron is certainly a unique drug free of negative properties of its older brothers, such as testosterone. The most dangerous steroid pobochka – a gynecomastia. You will not make it nor Mastevere to an overdose because it is not flavored. Nevertheless, it is necessary to pay for such a steep longitudinal profile. In the case of Masteron is acne. Due to a significant androgenic component, almost all athletes complain of acne, especially on the back. For the rest of this drug – ideal for drying and building high-quality muscles.

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