Masteron 200


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A series of additional muscle mass, an increase in hardness and stiffness of the muscles.
The appearance of fat burning effect. This action has been confirmed by special studies, in which from 5-7% excess fat left.
Too much increase in performance performance.
The presence of the diuretic effect.
A decrease in degradation processes.
At the Masteron time, no such side effects after the use of the drug as an increase in blood pressure do not appear on liver toxicity and is not conducive to fluid arrest in humans. Masteron for drying very good choice. You can buy wizard in our storage.


Masteron in ampoules of 50 to 200 mg and is administered by injection under the skin. Its use is not recommended for beginners, experienced athletes can also be used in combination with any drug containing testosterone. Buy Masteron for drying and other products at low prices for the best possible combination in our store in the category of injectable drugs.

One of the best application Masteron dosage is 350-500 mg per week when propionate addition. There is also a version with 400 to 600 mg per week and enanthate. The difference is not great, so everyone chooses what is more like it.

It was once believed that the safe dosage of Masteron – up to 1000 mg. Now it is known that, despite the safety of using it, in large doses, so pointless, because more than 600 mg of body can not digest.

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