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Mastabol 100 – is an effective, modern steroid drug active ingredient drostanolone dipropionate. The main field of application is the practice of sports: athletes from various disciplines, including bodybuilding, it is used in the drying rates and increase the strength, without grouping.

Note that the current injection substance steroid drostanolone dipropionate, a modification of DHT is moderate with pronounced androgenic and anabolic properties. It practically does not bind to androgen receptors in the human body and is absolutely not subject to aromatization in contrast to the issuing anti-estrogenic activity capable. Also drostanolone remarkable that can bind to SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin), thereby significantly increasing the amount of free testosterone in the blood.

Mastabol: a series of injections

For men for sports recommended dosage of the drug within 300-500 mg per week (injections every other day or every third day). The duration of admission can depend on various factors, for example, for which the task of the application is performed, but on average about 8 full weeks.

Application Mastabol 100 can be a great help in quality to gain muscles, dense and embossed. Such anabolic and androgenic steroid is ideal for athletes in bodybuilding, athletics, cross-country skiing or even swimming disciplines. It can be used effectively and relatively safely by both professional athletes and amateurs or beginners.

However, Mastabol does not recommend the rate of use for women. Drug, as has been said, are characterized by a strong androgenic activity, by which the athlete could contrast masculinization. Fine soil for the development of physical forms is usually recommended steroids predominantly anabolic effect.

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