HCG 5000IU


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HOW do I apply for Gonadotropin?
As we know, steroids suppress the production of luteinizing hormone almost completely as a result of its own production of testosterone drops to zero. As a consequence – a decrease in testicular size, the process is completely reversible. We are also interested in gonadotropin that it is able to influence as well as LH and FSH on testosterone production. It applies to the gonads lengthy courses longer than 8 weeks? or if two or more are used to use the drug, as well as the application of high dosages. Put gonadotropin, with 3-5 weeks of the course in a dose of 250 to 500 IU to promote the production of their own dough, eggs back to normal and prevent atrophy. Or 3-4 weeks before the end of the course in similar dosages. If your course is less than 8 weeks, it makes sense to set gonadotropin just before leaving the course. On the course of many months continuously administered gonadotropin, a break in a less than – 2 weeks.

Gonadotropin composition FCT
Typically, the output of 3-4 weeks of gonads in a dosage of 500 IU times 3-4 days. We do not recommend using hCG directly with the FCT as gonadotropin will suppress the production of GnRH, which will prevent you from setting according to the course. This recommendation does not apply to situations where the course was hard or very long, and hCG is not used during the course. In this case, the gonads are required to be contained in the nuclei, give 2500 M. E every 3 days for 20 days for recovery arc hypothalamic-pituitary glands – testicles.

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