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Description: What is Halover

The active substance of the drug is fluoxymesterone (a derivative of testosterone with modifications in three positions: 17-alpha-methyl group, the 11-beta-hydroxy group and 9-flyurogruppa). Structurally, this steroid is most similar to methyltestosterone, only its activity and performance is about 20 and 5 times greater than that of methyltestosterone.

Note that first fluoxymesterones, which are based on halovers, are used as a therapeutic and drug. In particular, it has been administered for delays in sexual development in men, as well as those for the treatment of male hypogonadism and breast cancer in women. However, later to take this steroid medicine sank as a result he „wandered“ to the sport where he began, and is today in demand to use a lot.

If we list the effects that occur in the course Halover tablets, the first thing to say is that they do not have much, but almost all of them powerful, and above all importance for sports:

• Maximizing performance performance in the shortest possible time;

• Rapid and noticeable increase in aggression and endurance;

• Increase in the density, hardness and vascularity of the muscles;

• stimulation of erythropoietin and the synthesis of hemoglobin;

• Strong fat burning effect.

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