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Vermodje Exemever, pharmacological effects – anti-tumor, anti-estrogen. Inhibits aromatase (irreversibly binds to the active site of the enzyme and causes its inactivation) and prevents the formation of estrogens. Has anti-estrogenic effects, thus does not have progestogen and estrogenic activity, it does not affect the synthesis of cortisol and aldosterone in the adrenal gland. When the drug takes in high doses, it shows little androgenic activity (because of gidroproizvodnym 17). Increases in the level of LH and FSH due to the feedback principle: falling content of estrogen stimulates the secretion of the pituitary gland gonadotropins.

Vermodje Exemever (Exemestane) is an aromatase inhibitor. In addition, also a little stronger. According to official data, the level of aromatase associated with anastrozole is in the range of 78-80%, while they are to an impressive 85% up to Vermodje Exemever.

Exemestane clearly from their colleagues, aromatase inhibitors, drugs, it is more refined. Obtaining the effect of a given preparation is irreversible and permanent, while other aromatase inhibitors have a temporary effect.

Eczema’s side effects include: fatigue, depression, pain in the head, rash, excessive sweating. The side effects of the drug are purely individual. It depends on the sensitivity of the organism to priparaty. Often the cost of the drug is high enough, but its effective work is not in doubt in its use.

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