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Equipoise (Boldenona-E) is a synthetic steroid drug, enjoys great popularity in sports practice. Like many similar agents, this steroid has high anabolic activity (100% of testosterone), combined with a mild androgenic properties (50% of testosterone). At the same time, it has a long-term activity after injection and is excellent for achieving muscle growth and developing the basic physical properties – strength and endurance athletes.

How to do Equipoise

The use of Equipoise does not require any experience of the athlete, because it can easily accept newcomers. For them, as for those who know the athletes, the following dosage: 200-500 mg anabolic week. The first two weeks you need to keep the maximum dose (500 mg), the explanation is simple: Equipoise is less active drug, the time must begin its action in the body. After two weeks, the dose should be reduced and take 200-400 mg every seven days. Course with Equipoise lasts six to eight weeks. This consequence of consumption helps the body to avoid negative effects on the liver. Girls athletes this drug is not contraindicated, but even before the course should consult their sports doctor, or equipoise price can take your own health.

The great advantage of Equipoise is that it is active in the body for 4 weeks. Since one injection per week will be enough for an athlete. Equipoise is a course from which is calculated by adding all components, will provide athletes with a quality muscle mass gain – 8 kg, and after the course does not require drugs to enhance the effect.

Equipoise does not strongly inhibit the production of endogenous testosterone. But we need to use the drug for a long time, since after the course, we need full FCT. If the course is scheduled for more than 10 weeks, preferably the administration of gonadotropin-to-date from 3 weeks before the end of the course.

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