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The main task of the gel – the elimination of vascular spasm, which actually causes the feeling of pain, withdrawal of edema in inflammatory processes of different etiology.

Turpentine, part of the gel stimulates the receptors in the skin, improves muscle metabolism and bone-cartilage tissue. It is widely used for diseases of the joints and spine. The turpentine itself contains trace elements Ca, Na, Mg, S, Se, Mn, Fe, Cu, Sr, Cr, Ag interstitially involved in all processes. They improve local blood circulation, restore microtserkulyatsiyu, prevent and eliminate the fusion of connective tissue, improve trophism muscles, increase the amount of active movements, reduce morning stiffness, resolve hematoma and inflammation, normalize the activity of endocrine glands, activate motor skills.

Application: Gel allows you to quickly restore the mobility of the affected joint in rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, sports, household and other injuries .. A significant positive effect and significant reduction in pain in osteoarthritis diformiruyuschem after 5-7 days after application. With severe fatigue relieves stress from the spine.

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