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EKOVIR Turpentine Plant Gel with active analgesic action
Turpentine ekovir Gel Asset – an effective tool for:

prevention and treatment of many diseases:
osteoporosis, the effects of polio, polyarthritis, arthritis, radiculitis, spondyloarthrosis;
muscular dystrophy;
neuritis of the facial nerve, etc. Neuritis .;
infectious and bronchopulmonary diseases;
sprains and hypothermia;
normalize motility disorders with musculoskeletal trauma;
restoration of mobility with myositis, arthritis, neuralgia, rheumatism and osteochondrosis;
relief of headaches and pain of unknown cause in the kidneys and liver;
to restore microcirculation with bedsores in bedridden patients;
release of tension from the upper and lower limbs and spine with high fatigue;
remove tissue regeneration of the skin and the discomfort of sunburn;
postoperative adhesions and scarring absorption (with prolonged use); Details: https://oazis-zdorovja.com.ua/p3728045-ekovir-gel-aktiv.html

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