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Dekaver – an anabolic steroid from Vermodzhe that in our shop you can buy freely in Belarus. Preferably it is applied in sports practice, the goal in most cases is set the absorption in muscle mass, popular among both beginners and among athletes already experienced, including in bodybuilding.

Description Dekaver and Reviews

The active substance of the drug is a steroid nandrolone decanoate. This anabolic (index of anabolic activity – 150% of endogenous testosterone) with moderate androgenic properties (30% of testosterone), which appeared on the pharmacological market in the 60s of the last century (originally for medical use, but for the first time, was quickly due to its properties popularity as a doping agent).

Speaking of specifically about Decaver 250mg, we can conclude that with the active ingredient Deca it is a modern drug that has a long duration of action and contributes to the correct use of the following significant improvements:

• Higher performance;

• A range of muscle mass

• elimination of pain in the joints;

• strengthen the skeletal system;

• Improved transport of oxygen;

• strengthens the immune system.

Side effects

Deconate injection nandrolone in an appropriate dosage practically does not cause side effects. The drug does not contribute to hypertension does not cause acne and does not prevent the liver.

Nandrolone deconate of the main and most popular drug in athletes environment suitable and experienced athletes.

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