Boldever vial.


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Boldever as a very popular drug, which is widely used today. It represents the testosterone molecule that binds to the first and second carbon atoms. According to research carried out by many scientists, it can be understood that Boldenone Solo has really strong properties that can not be compared to anything.

Boldever – what is it?

Boldever – injects anabolic, which is used today, not only in medicine, but also in sports. Very often, to compare the drug experts with nandrolone. But here it is worth noting that such a comparison is not quite appropriate, which is still different due to their mode of action of these drugs. Today we can store Boldenone in sports nutrition, and the pharmacy, where there is also a large selection of anabolic steroids. In addition, udesilenata was widely produced propionate and boldenone. All these steroidal agents possess the same property. The only difference between them, this time is the release of active substances in the blood. After the numerous reviews, the athletes have received many positive qualities from Boldenone. Currently, this facility is considered to be available to every participant.

Several variants of the boldenone Vermodzhe course:

Example 1 8-week course – Turinabol 40-50 mg. day; Boldenone 800 mg. Week As for me, a bundle of Boldenone Turinabol, yavlyaetsya perfect combination for a set of dry and quality muscle mass, with minimal side effects.

2. The course of maximum quality Boldenone 600 mg. week; Stanaza 40-50 mg. Day: Propionate 100 mg. Day after tomorrow.

3. Course to the highest quality masonabor -300-400 mg trenbolone, week .; Bold 800 mg. during the week.

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