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Boldever amp.


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Boldever – an anabolic steroid with moderately low androgenic activity. He produced under the brand name Vermodzhe, it has long been well known to many domestic athletes. The active ingredient preparation is boldenone, is the most common form, in which sports practice boldenone (as boldenone boldenone propionate or acetate can be seen, which differ from undecylenates mainly shorter duration of action after injection).

Boldever Vermodje SRL (Moldova) can be used as a doping agent in many areas. It not only provides an increase in muscle mass, but also increases appetite and also improves venous prorisovannost muscles during the course, which has a positive effect on their appearance. This drug is very well combined with almost all other known steroids – from testosterone to Turinabol / Sustanon.

Impact and action

Prefix ester undecylenate reduces the rate of release of the hormone and its half-life, about the effect of taking expected only a few weeks after the first injection.

The most important results from the reception Boldevera:

– slow but smooth mass capacity, with a small water retention (up to 10 kg per year);

– a significant increase in power and power;

– increases appetite;

– increases the number of red blood cells, which improves the supply of oxygen to the muscles;

– improves the quality of muscles, it is difficult, and to make relief filled.

How to take Boldever

For athletes, optimal dosage of 200 to 1000 mg per week depends on the desired rate of intensity. It must be remembered that the excess of the recommended dose does not increase in the same degree of muscle growth, but the direct influence on the frequency of side effects. In regular high doses, gynecomastia can develop in men and masculinization in women.

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