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Boldenone is a remedy that refers to a group of anabolics. It has a mild androgenic activity, as well as different estrogenic properties. This tool is an analogue of testosterone, but the action is gentle. In general, if we compare the structure, boldenone has practically no differences from testosterone. This tool can be called an analogous local testosterone. A special feature is that it is a double bond in the fourth and first positions. Due to this fact, and has a great stable demand in the product.

Boldenone type has estrogenic activity, but the level is sufficiently weak. However, this function is considered as negative more positive. To make usable in the aromatization of boldenone is quite small. And this will not cause any major problems. If you follow the rules and use the tool in the right dosage – about 350-400 mg per week, the side effects in the form of clusters of fat cells and the development of gynecomastia can be eliminated. However, a small amount of taste is still considered necessary. This, in turn, is due to the fact that estrogen can directly affect the type of anabolic activity.


Boldenone is peculiar – a strong anabolic steroid and a moderately weak androgenic: anabolic steroid index is 100% of testosterone, while the androgenic – only 50% of testosterone. The course, which as a result of the action, effectively increases the assembly and degradation processes weaken in the ratio of body mass to leaning (or promote growth and prevent the destruction of muscles), because this is very much appreciated by athletes.

But the effect of boldenone radjay is not limited to this, as well as the ability to increase blood, improve oxygen transport, increase endurance, increase muscle vein drawing, grow, apply performance rates and appetite. As a sport doping, drugs mnogoza roofs therefore receives the active use of athletics to bodybuilding.

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