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Undecylenate Boldenone (Boldenone Undeclynate) – cteroid anabolic and androgenic effects. Also known by the trade names Equipoise (Equipoise), Boldebal, Boldabol, Ganabol, Boldesten. Originally maintained as a drug Methandrostenolone long effect, but as a result of the investigations, AAS was obtained with completely different properties (despite the structural similarity). The steroid is free of 17-alpha-methyl group Dianabol molecules. Chemically boldenone – a testosterone molecule a double bond between the first and second carbon atoms. Undecylenate for its anabolic properties of testosterone is not worse, while the androgenic effect is twice as weak. But the results of the practical use of steroid show that all anabolic Equipoise gives testosterone index.

Boldenone gives slow but steady growth of quality muscle mass. Since undecylenates have been ether long enough, and then fully involved in the work, he slowly begins to work at full capacity by covering the fourth or fifth week of the course. Boldenone krovetvoryaschy drug – red blood cells in the blood increased, which makes it an excellent endurance and lifting power performance. Boldenone greatly increases appetite, which is very positive skazvaetsya with weight gain.

Natural Boldenone

Steroids appreciate in such a direction as bodybuilding, because it has a good anabolic effect and allows to increase muscle mass. After completing the course, the phenomenon of a slight pullback and weight gain remains for a long time. Also, it is increased by powerlifters, skiers, athletes and other athletes, because the drug gains endurance and strength. In this way, training takes more and more intensely. With the right dosage, there are the following results:

· increase in strength;

· Qualitative growth of muscle mass;

· Increased appetite;

· Protein synthesis in a tissue;

· increase in blood circulation;

· improving the survey;

· An increase in red blood cells, muscle oxygen saturation;

· Improvement of endurance levels.


The effective dosage of 8-12 mg per kg of body weight of the athlete. If used in conjunction with other speakers of this dozirovaka, it can be reduced by 20-30%.

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