Testover P amp.


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Testover (Testover Vermodje P)

Testover P – one of the testosterone esters, which has almost no negative effects on the organism and does not retain water. Thus, Testover P in fast mode helps to gain muscle mass, improve relief prorisovannost and make the muscle fibers more elastic. Anabolic has received wide public among weightlifters and bodibilerov due to the rapid closure of the organism and the short duration of action. Because the drug can be taken before a competition, without fear of doping tests.

The effect of receiving Testover P:

a qualitative increase in muscle mass;
burning of subcutaneous fat;
increase in muscle elasticity, prorisovannost relief;
increase in current power;
libido increase;
strengthen the skeletal system.


Testover P can be used if they work on an amount of these that have a predisposition to excessive fat deposition, as well as the original estrogen levels increased. In this case, the risk of pobochki will be minimal. For the rest of the „chemists“ are preferably enantatnaya form of testosterone. Since „broken“ ate through the day at work on a lot, I do not see the point.

Standard Operating Dosage Testover P 100 mg. used in a day as you put it on the mass and dry. Extended athletes may apply and higher doses – 500 to 1000 mg. during the week.

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