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  • DESCRIPTION Testover C (Testosterone Cypionate) – this injectable steroid strong anabolic and androgenic effect. It is very effective in massonabornyh and Nightingale courses for the purposes of this use amateur and professional sports: martial arts, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and practically all other sports, coupled with high physical exertion. TESTOVER C BY VERMODJEAs a testosterone preparation, Testover C has significant anabolic (100%) and androgen (100%) properties. It has effect prolonged after application – up to 15-16 days (half-life – 6-8 days), which eliminates the need to constantly inject the injection, as in the case of short phenylpropionate ester or propionate.

    The main effect Testover C for an athlete is a short set of muscle mass. Judging by practical application and evaluations, possible results of weight gain from 10 to 15 kg per course are about 8 weeks. But the effect of the drug is not limited, as also expressed by the development of strength gains, increases performance and endurance, increases appetite, libido, reduces joint pain, strengthens bones and ligaments, reduces fatigue.

    In the body, testosterone cypionate acts like the natural hormone testosterone — a male sex hormone responsible for many of people’s physical and emotional quality. It causes the voice to deepen sex drive, aggression and muscle growth. Testosterone works through the anabolic receptors that cause muscles to store more nitrogen, from which in turn muscle proteins are produced.
    Examples of steroidal courses testosterone cypionate with:

    The course is for beginners to a common set of weight:

    200-400 mg per week Testosterone cypionate – 8-10 weeks

    50mg per day Stanozolol / Turinabol / Methandienone – 6 weeks

    0.5 mg every other day anastrozole – start from the second week of the course

    FCT – 10-14 days after the last injection of testosterone cypionate

More information about Test Cypionate can be found on this testosterone website

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