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Goods Description

Alpha Pharma Rexogin Winstrol – pelletized and the injectable steroid, designed to be one of the first in the industry. The injection is presented as an aqueous suspension, pelletized Winstrol has high stability and bioavailability. Its anabolic effect is up to 320%, compared to testosterone, while androgens – ten times less. up to a year – Winstrol is also known for a long time record on the detection of doping control.

The specificity of the drug is that a significant growth of muscles does not lead to it, but gives them relief and a clear veins, which at the same time eliminate the fat. In addition, it increases appetite, improves strength and endurance athletes.


Winstrol is ideal for the drying step, people with enough weight – its effect is most pronounced. It is accepted in the daily dose of 50 mg (injection) or 30 mg tablets. Athletes, focused on improving endurance, be enough smaller doses. The recommended course of Winstrol from 5 to 8 weeks and is calculated individually.

As for combined reception, this drug is often combined with testosterone, methandrostenolone and other potent androgens. Important for the total amount of steroid per week do not exceed 500 mg.

Side effects

The most common side effects of Rexogin – pain in the ligaments and joints. Athletes who do not comply with the dosage, the risk of „tearing“. To minimize such effects, stanozolol is better to combine with the „deck“ and testosterone, as well as the use of special additives that strengthen ligaments and joints. Possible side effects such as an increase in blood pressure, an increase in the level of bad cholesterol, acne, suppression of the secretion of testosterone. To minimize the effect on the liver, it is recommended to use milk thistle extract.

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