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Primover – one of the „safest“ of anabolic steroids produced by the pharmaceutical vermodzhe. Primover – active ingredient metelonona enanthate under hübe better name yavlyaetsya Primobolan, primabol or prima known. As in vials of 10 ml capacity. and in ASD up to 1 ml. Active substance in 1 ml 100 mg.

In our shop primover presented as an enantatnoy form, which means that the drug has a duration of action – 14-16 days.

Most primover similar in action to boldenone. According to the same operating characteristics prima very mohozha on masterlon.

Oral Primobolan – methenolone form tablets (methenolone acetate), has a much smaller period of time (about 5 hours). Primobolan tablets have a higher price. A peculiarity of the tablet form – no toxic effect on the liver, unlike most other forms of oral steroids.

Total methenolone two forms Estimate most of the injectable form preferred, due to the low cost and more uniform influx of the active substance in the blood. In addition, some of the Primobolan destroys tablets in the liver.

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