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Methandienone Tablets – is a drug called an anabolic steroid, has a powerful androgenic and anabolic effect on the human body. The use of such funds increases protein synthesis and muscle tissue recovery after heavy loads.

Methandienone Tablets : the effect of the steroid

Acceptance of the drug allows athletes to achieve significant gains in muscle mass and an increase in performance in the short term. Tablets, along with rapid weight set, cause water retention in the body, but usually in the moderate part of it do not lead to serious consequences.

Steroid causes an increase in muscle mass in the background prevalence of anabolic degradation processes via processes. It is known that methane has the effect of slowing down catabolism, so it improves the rate of cleavage of subcutaneous adipose tissue (although it is not the strongest, but a pronounced effect of fat loss).

Reviews of Methandienone tablets of say that the drug does not bring the desired result with the focus on relief, but effectively on massonabornyh courses. Along the pills increase appetite, which only helps to increase body weight.

Effects of reception

The rapid increase in muscle mass. The effect is caused by the fact that steroid activates protein synthesis. Solo rate of methane choice allows up to 12 kg, part of which is lost due to recoil phenomenon.
Reduction of body fat (effect is insignificant, and observed only if the correct use of steroids).
Strengthening of the skeletal system.
The performance increase performance, accompanied by a series of muscle mass.
Slightly androgenic effects (twice weaker than those of testosterone).
How to take Methandienone

The course of Methandienone recommended for adult athletes to increase muscle mass and increase performance. Tablet formulation of the steroid is a classic, injection has practically no analogues. Reserve safe daily dose is 30 mg. Therefore, it is desirable to take the drug three times: this avoids shocks in the level of hormones. It is best to start a course with the lowest dose (10 mg), gradually, until an optimal increase. The recommended maximum duration of administration methandienone of 6 weeks. The naturally necessary to use aromatase inhibitors (for example, anastrozole) and to keep at its end PCT tamoxifen.

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